Kristin Nelson
Sounds of Curtains (now destroyed) Sydney Opera House is available through PayPal for 40 dollars USD, and Plug In ICA. It was produced in 2020 an edition of 100 with an additional 25 artists proofs. Click on image to purchase. 

This vinyl album contains compositions by 10 Canadian and International artists commissioned to create works using the sounds of winches as recorded in the Joan Sutherland Theatre at the Sydney Opera House. These winch sounds, original to the Sydney Opera House, were recorded by Australian sound designer Emma Duggan during a Canada Council for the Arts International Residency in Sydney, Australia.

Sounds of Curtains (now destroyed) Sydney Opera House on vinyl includes a bonus ficto-criticism by artist and cultural theorist Jeanne Randolph (CA), and a visual response to Jeanne Randolph's text by artist Kelly Campbell (CA). This insert printed by risograph through Parameter Press (CA).

Sounds of Curtains (now destroyed) Sydney Opera House was released on March 6, 2020, at Garry Street Coffee in Winnipeg (CA). It contains works by crys cole (DE), Christine Fellows (CA), hannah_g (CA), Casey Mecija (CA), Gail Priest (AU), Judith Rice (CA), Kelly Ruth (CA), Andrea Roberts (CA), Süss (CA), and Roger White (CA). 

*Please be advised that this vinyl album requires a record player, a digital download is not available. All rights reserved by the artist.

This project was made possible by the Winnipeg Arts Council.