Join me at the Manitoba Craft Council on Friday June 7th from 5pm to 8pm for a guided tour of the exhibition and a net making netted lace demonstration. Guided tours are scheduled for 5:30 and 7:30pm.

Organized by artist Kristin Nelson, of the current exhibition "Visible Labour" at the Comox Valley Art Gallery, and led by Aidan Smith, this net making workshop was presented via Zoom on April 17, 2021. The workshop came out of a desire to collectively make, and of a continued curiosity around nets as an object rich in meaning and use value.

Kristin will be onsite at the gallery from 1 – 5 pm, Wednesday, November 3 to Saturday, November 6, 2021. Visitors are invited to drop in on Kristin in CVAG’s lower level project room studio (check in at the gallery reception hub first) while she is working on her new project nets. A self-serve community make art kiosk in the CVAG studio will give people (all ages, children accompanied by an adult) an opportunity to learn about making nets (supplies provided), alongside Aidan Smith’s “Net Making: An Online Workshop”.
Taught by Aidan Smith of Nova Scotia; in this online workshop, participants will be shown how to load a netting needle, start a net, and increase/decrease the net in size. With these basic skills, nets of varying sizes and shapes can be created.
Curated by Angela Somerset and Denise Lawson. Visible Labour is a four person exhibition with Kristin Nelson, Deborah Dumka, Connie Michelle Morey and Claire Sanford and is on exhibit at the Comox Valley Art Gallery, in Courtenay, BC from March 25 to May 29, 2021. An online Net Making workshop is on Saturday April 17, and taught by Aidan Smith, from Halifax, NS.
Join us in a listening event, at Garry Street Coffee, of full length vinyl album featuring 10 compositions from Sidney Sydney interpreting sounds of curtains at the Joan Sutherland Theatre, Sydney Opera House. Artists include crys Cole (DE), Christine Fellows (CA), hannah_g (CA), Casey Mecija (CA), Gail Priest (AU), Judith Rice (CA), Andrea Roberts (CA), Kelly Ruth (CA), Süss (CA) and Roger White (CA).
Filmaker and Visual Artist Paige Gratland is completing a Branscombe House Artist in Residency this year ( and invited me to do an artist talk to kick off a public and collaborative weaving project.
Neutral Ground. The exhibition 'drink' is an overt commentary on our precious natural resources and the effects of our consumer culture on them. The artist invites you to have a drink during her exhibition in cups woven on a floor loom. This duo exhibition also featured Contact by Barbara Meneley.
Booth C10 Lisa Kehler Art + Projects at TIAF at the Toronto International Art Fair October 26 to 29, 2018 featuring works by Kristin Nelson, Anna Breininger, Corri-Lynn Tetz, Erica Eyres, Manuela Gonzalez and Lauren Seiden.
Join me for a drink at A Handmade Assembly in Sackville, New Brunswick, in a weekend of performance, workshops, lectures and artist talks brought to you by Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre. Keynote speaker Sarah Quinton.
Doors at 7:00pm, at the Sidney Community Centre in Sidney, Manitoba, for a listening event featuring sounds of the Sydney Opera House curtains as interpreted in 10 new audio compositions by: Andrea Roberts, Casey Mesija, Christine Fellows, crys cole, Gail Priest, hannah_g, Judith Rice, Kelly Ruth, Roger White and Süss, With 'curtain' piano by Dallas Nedotiafko. This project was made possible by Video Pool Media Arts and the New Artist in Media Art fund and the Manitoba Arts Council. Artists are not necessarily in attendance. This venue is wheelchair accessible.
drink is an overt commentary on our precious natural resources and the effects of our consumer culture on them. These cups were woven by some of Riding Mountain National Park’s most stunning lakes. Kristin Nelson invites you to have a drink at the water cooler during Edition Toronto and help her in the continuation of a new art installation drink.
Sidney Sydney supported by year long mentorship program through Video Pool through their New Artist and New Media Fund.
A Manitoba Arts Council. The Riding Mountain Artists’ Residency provides professional artists with an opportunity to be inspired and create their works in the park’s setting. In return these professional artists invite visitors to interact with them and uniquely discover the park through their eyes and works.
Curated by Lisa Kehler, Lisa Kehler Art & Projects. A collection of work by Ian August, Scott Benesiinaabandan, Erica Eyres, Sylvia Matas, Kristin Nelson, and Cyrus Smith, featuring Winnipeg as the source of inspiration.
Contributor: Kristin Nelson Chapter 4: Insiders, Outsiders and the Potential of Progressive Studios. Edited by Christine Kelly and Michael Orsini. UBC Press, Published October, 2016.
With Suzie Smith, Box Gallery. A free risograph map Interesting Places, Orioles Bike Cage.
Artwork featured at Feature Contemporary Art Fair by Lisa Kehler Art + Projects.
Located at the Carlu in Toronto, silent auction and gala to invest in the Canadian Art Foundation.
Co-Edited by J.J. Kegan McFadden, this first queer issue explores "the factors that shape queer art and literature today." (CV2)The Poetics of Queer, Summer 2015. Vol 38. No. 1, publication, cover art.
Lisa Kehler Art + Projects at Papier15 Montreal.
A Canada Council International Residency at Artspace, Sydney Australia.
Commissaire Eve De Garie-Lamanque.Dans l’exposition La Chose en soi*, dix artistes sont réunis et repensent la nature et la dynamique des relations entre l’objet et l’individu. Michel de Broin (Québec), CFCF (Michael Silver – Québec), Cozic (Québec), Jacinthe Lessard-L (Québec), Micah Lexier (Ontario), Axel Lieber (Allemagne et Suède), Kristin Nelson (Manitoba), James Nizam (Colombie-Britannique), Roula Partheniou (Ontario) et Michael A. Robinson (Québec).
Winnipeg's only 24-hour gallery run by Kegan McFadden and Divya Mehra, Window, featured Dear Cheryl, a glow in the dark, sequined elevator blanket.
Curated by Jenifer Papararo, Plug In ICA. Nadia Belerique, Valérie Blass, Ursula Johnson, Kelly Lycan, Ursula Mayer, Kristin Nelson, Dominique Rey and Andrea Roberts are connected in Superimposition: Sculpture and Image as artists who contend with the spatial terms of sculpture while also contemplating the flat surface of images.
Group exhibition, IDEA/EXCHANGE, Cambridge, ON. Juried by Sarah Quinton, Artist/Curatorial Director, Textile Museum of Canada (Toronto, ON) and Jaime Angelopoulos, Artist (Toronto, ON). a biennial juried exhibition of contemporary Canadian fibre art. It is a showcase of the most current and versatile approaches to fibre as a medium.
Curated by Lisa Kehler, Actual Gallery. Make Work is show in conjunction with Neil Farber and Michael Dumontier's exhibit, Blanket Statements.
Raw Gallery. The exhibition Make - Soft was a response to the physical space of RAW gallery in an attempt to make it softer.
Curated by Lisa Kehler, Actual Gallery. This inaugural exhibition serves as an exciting introduction to Actual's roster of artists, featuring new work by Ted Barker, Scott Benesiinaabandan, Paul Butler, Michael Dumontier, Derek Dunlop, William Eakin, Erica Eyres, Neil Farber, Jeanette Johns, Krisjanis Kaktins-Gorsline, Wanda Koop, Sylvia Matas, Shaun Morin, Kristin Nelson, Paul Robles, Mélanie Rocan, Suzie Smith and Robert Taite.
La maison des artistes visuels francophone. L’exposition « Roche, Papier, Ciseaux » rassemble des œuvres de trois artistes de chez nous : Kristin Nelson, David Perrett et Gaëtanne Sylvester. Quoique leur média et leurs recherches diffèrent l’un de l’autre, ces trois artistes s’inspirent et utilisent de technique et média souvent dit « artisanal » pour créer leurs œuvres.
Commissaire Ève Dorais, Skol. Skol invited Montreal curator Ève Dorais to bring together a selection of emerging artists in response to the theme of The Artist in Dangerous Times. This multidisciplinary exhibition features work by Louis Boutin, Isabelle Guimond, Whitney Lafleur, Isabelle Mathieu, Kristin Nelson, Aurélien Monsarrat and Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa.

Parisian Laundry. Collision brings together a selection of graduating students from Montreal Master of Fine Arts Programs, curated by Parisian Laundry's director Jeanie Riddle.

Parlour. Three hand-woven cotton replicas of paper are on display, developed in multiples and numbered in series. Each series, given a different value, by the artist, stands in relationship to its individual purpose of production.

Concordia University. Devon Knowles and Luanne Martineau are workshop leaders in "The Deskilling and Reskilling of Artistic Production Research Workshop". This workshop "will focus specifically on how contemporary artists are revisiting the skill of making as a place from which to critique or react to the post-digital age of software-specific art and design, consumerism, condensed time, and globalism." Please click on the link for more information.

Curated by Travis McEwen and Beth Frey , Tumbler. Within/Without explores ideas of alternate communities. "By creating Within/Without, we are participating in the circulation of cultural texts that aid in the formation and articulation of queer feminist communities and discourse." Featured in this exhibit are Sharlene Bamboat, Melisa Brittain and Lucas Crawford, Dana Dal Bo, Dayna Danger, Ali El-Darsa, Ted Kerr, Melissa Levin, Sarah Mangle, Kristin Nelson and Anahita Norouzi.